About 9KM BY 9AM

9KM BY 9AM is the name I gave to the challenge I set as part of my alcohol-free journey, which started in December 2020.

At its heart it is about doing something challenging early in the day. For me it is walking 9KM. For others it could be walking 1KM, running 2KM, cycling 10KM, writing a song, reading a book, painting a landscape – everyone is different…

Available on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, the channel features daily walks and thoughts and is open to anyone who wants to challenge themselves.

Over the first two years of 9KM BY 9AM I walked 9km every day before 9 o’clock. Clocking up over 7,000km. The equivalent of over 160 marathons. I saw over 700 sunrises and forest bathed 300+ times – and all before breakfast.  I lost 30% of my body weight, have no anxiety, sleep seven hours straight every night, have low cholesterol and my blood pressure and heart are tickety-boo! I can honestly say I have not felt this good since my 20s, 30 years ago!

The walks are a great time to think, plan your day and also meditate. It’s not just about walking it’s about the ideas, the thoughts, the creativity time. Out walking early in the morning is a great time to learn new things through listening to podcasts and audio books and reflect.

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