Coaching Team

We build your coaching teams around your needs. Our Coaching Team comprises a number of senior coaches from a plethora of disciplines.

Nigel Jones

Coach & Mentor specialising in self-development, motivation, mindfulness, movement, alcohol-free living and habit change.

Helping clients hone their values, beliefs and goals to find their purpose, aiding their well-being and self-development.

Qualifications include:

Diploma in Positive Psychology Coaching –  double accredited, International Coaching Federation and Association for Coaching, AreteWay Coaching Course.

Accredited Sober Coach, awarded by AreteWay Coach.

A graduate of the London School of Economics, University of London

Justin Messenbird

Justin has a genuine authentic passion for positively improving and inspiring hundreds of people’s lives in the workplace along with a lifelong commitment to developing his own personal growth and learning.

He has cultivated two decades of retail leadership experience with elite global fashion brands leading high-performance management & sales teams globally. He is a strategic leader previously working within senior leadership and executive teams. He has always led with real passion, empathy and integrity whilst championing people’s personal performance and growth.

Justin made a decision to give back. To contribute and add value to people’s lives in a unique way through 121 coaching, group coaching, writing books, hosting podcasts and more.  Author of You’re Fired, You’re Hired, in which he tells his own story of struggles and bouncing back through working on his self-development and bettering himself. He has taken a break from alcohol, leading him to become alcohol-free, and embarked on a health, wellness and fitness journey that has transformed his life. His real mission is to move people from pain to pleasure, from survive to thrive, from mess to success.

Why? Because he has done it and he understands the power it can bring to your life and everyone else around you. He believes success comes from making progress and achieving what you desire through goal setting and action whilst having the right level of accountability in place.

Justin is a double accredited ICF/EMEAA accredited coach in Positive Psychology. He has been trained and certified by the UK’s Number 1 Alcohol-Free Peak Performance Coach / TEDxSpeaker and 2x Best Selling Author – Andy Ramage.


Goldyn Duffy

Goldyn Duffy is a promoter of living your greatest life experience. She is a meditation, mindfulness, and Universal Law teacher who takes the wisdom of her life experience and shares the deeper, hidden meanings in all things.

She brings her listeners into a higher vibrational state and allows the transference of her own energetic understanding to be part of her Podcast / Youtube show Manifest to Live Life Goldyn.

Her book Mindful Manifestation Secrets is a short guide to understanding how your beliefs create your reality. Goldyn loves to share how she sold everything she owns and moved across the USA with her husband, two of her four children and two cats.

They did this with no house, no jobs and a dream in their hearts. She shares the many manifestations and miracles she encountered that has not only increased her faith but helped her to hone the intelligence of the energy field to become a masterful creator.


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