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Whilst this book brilliantly covers one-mans journey going alcohol free – there is simply so much more to this publication. Self-help and improvement are covered in an ‘in-depth’ but easy to understand format that all readers will most definitely find of benefit. For the already ‘alcohol free’, or those that are considering giving-up, you will be sure to find something among the pages to resonate with. Nigel’s warm and friendly approach to life comes through in the well constructed subjects, paragraphs and chapters, and even though this book is now completed – I will still use reference material to refer back to when needed. Steve Holden


A brilliant book that really helps you focus on improving your life. Its so much more than just giving up alcohol. Amazon Customer


Nigel’s story is a brilliant example of how you can transform your health and happiness starting with one simple change – taking a break from alcohol. This is not only a wonderful story of transformation, it is a fantastic self-help, health and happiness book rolled into one. This book will change your life. Absolute must-read! Andy Ramage


This book is a great read, by the end the reader will feel grateful to this man for sharing with humility and openness his learnings about one of societies great sources of ill health and his encouragement to embrace the best in you. Buy the book, reach out for a AF beverage and join the temperance society. Jim James


Brilliant read ! Thank You Nigel. Unbelievable story of transformation. This is a real authentic story of how a person has transformed their life through taking a break from alcohol. I was captivated by Nigel’s story and I felt really connected to him throughout the book. I genuinely felt the transformation and the strategies and techniques Nigel talks about can change peoples lives. Its not often you find a book on transformation that strikes the right balance. Really inspiring and I felt I learnt a lot. Thank You Nigel. Justin Messenbird


‘Walking Back To Happiness’ is a fab read with great insights to going alcohol-free. Suzanne Shaw, Singer, Actress, Wellness Coach & Founder Of The Happy Health Club


I have only read 18 pages, but I know that Nigel Jones knows my journey. He is a tad younger and is a man, but his memories and references are the same as mine. I have read many, many books in my attempts to pull myself together, but I have very high hopes of this. I will report back. Mojo


It’s taken me 2 weeks to read the book and write copious notes and scribbles on many pages! The book is an Informal relaxed and easy to read “quit lit” book that will help you transform your life by quitting alcohol. I gave up 7 days ago and have never felt so good! The book will help you understand why you’ve been drinking and reveal the future as an exciting place to be, free from anxiety and filled with optimism…make the change. Lawnright


This is a heartfelt, personal journey of a guy in his 50’s who decided the time had come to quit the booze. It is a compelling read on how someone re-shapes their values, beliefs, and purpose in pursuit of a wholly Alcohol Free lifestyle. Throughout there are “Key Learnings” and “Steps You Can Take” which can help you tailor your own personal journey. I had previously read plenty of Quit Literature, but I have to say this book had a profoundly positive effect on me. Thank you Nigel. Steve


If you’re looking to expand your mind towards sobriety, change your beliefs about alcohol, create new good habits, engage in a healthy life style, have new purposes and values back into your life this is definitely the book for you. I feel a lot of time, hard work and research has gone into this book. Nigel comes across as a really nice genuine man. It’s certainly changed my way of life, I’ve also taken up on Nigel’s 9km by 9am challenge and never looked back. Steve Burnand


This is a great book. I am very comfortable in my long term sobriety, and did a lot of reading early days to inform and support me. I’ve read this one more than once, it’s well written, inspiring without being overwhelming, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is on any kind of journey with their relationship with alcohol. Kate G


I read this book in 2 days and couldn’t put it down. It is a powerful read. Nigel’s story will resonate with many who are also seeking to break out of the cycle of drinking and to step forward into living a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. This book will be a valuable companion to all those starting out on this journey. Louise


I really enjoyed this book. Nigel comes across as a genuinely nice guy and demonstrates that you don’t have to have a problem with drinking to see the benefits of giving it up. Justin Flannagan


I really like his style- so straightforward and a very comprehensive coverage of all aspects of this journey. I think this makes a really practical, do-able self help guide & I would certainly recommend it to clients. I couldn’t put it down. June


Walking back to Happiness speaks my language – no nonsense , straight talking. Many of the things I say to our tribe members every day, are said in the book – in some places I can hear myself saying some of the things you have written- weird !! I really like the structure of the book and the tasks lists – its a take action book. I feel this book should be read and action taken, by everyone who wants to be Alcohol free. I believe that those who have tried to stop drinking before will really benefit from this book and they will start at the top of the mountain this time. Those who have reached the “I am done” point will certainly find the early days much easier with this book as a guide. Sue, Tribe Sober, USA


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