06 Jul 2022

The ‘big’ question for some people who recognise that they are not fully in control of their relationship with alcohol is: ‘Is it possible to moderate my alcohol consumption?’

My answer is simply this: The ability to moderate alcohol consumption for those that have had or have issues with alcohol control is a delusion, and part of the alcohol narrative and indoctrination. I call this the ‘Mirage of Moderation’. Once you realise that alcohol is poison and not good for your well-being, why on earth would you want to try and manage the amount of poison you consume? Don’t drink poison. That’s true control.

The fact that people discuss moderation means they realise alcohol is not good for them. They would like to restrict the amount they consume so that they can live a healthy life, totally in control of their habit.

When I drank alcohol, I could not moderate to a level I thought was good for my health. I just drank whenever I felt the urge – and that was every day.

If I had tried to be a Friday and Saturday nights-only drinker, I would have put myself through psychological torture from Sunday to Thursday. For me, alcohol was an all-or-nothing drug. In the 36 years I was a drinker, the longest I went without drinking was six days. I think I managed five days on three occasions, and a handful of three days. What I remember about these heroic ventures was that I thought about booze almost every second of the day. If that’s what moderation is, then you can keep it!

My book has a whole chapter dedicated to the Mirage of Moderation…


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