25 Apr 2024

“I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

The traditional Hawaiian mantra of Ho’oponopono is an antidote for a negative mindset. If repeated regularly it will give you a huge boost of positivity. Your mindset will change and attract other positive energy. If you smile others smile with you. You create the universe you live in.

Ho’oponopono is a powerful tool for reconciliation, forgiveness, healing, and spiritual transformation, whether applied to interpersonal relationships or one’s own inner journey. Ho’oponopono helps release negative emotions and brings about inner peace.

Practised for centuries, the mantra is a simple, but powerful way to load your mind with positive affirmations in a world where 99% of what we think tends to be towards the negative. Our brains, by default, are constantly on the lookout for the worst things that could happen to us – a survival mode that means we are ready to react with Fight, Flight or Freeze at a moment’s notice.


The mantra has many uses… people may say the Ho’oponopono mantra as a form of self-healing and personal growth, using it to address internal conflicts, release limiting beliefs, and cultivate self-love and forgiveness.

Also, by repeating this mantra, individuals seek to take responsibility for their own actions and thoughts, express remorse or regret, ask for forgiveness from others, express gratitude, and affirm love and compassion.


By practicing Ho’oponopono you start to clean the programs running in your sub conscious mind that are preventing you from being at the pure state of love. Say the mantra as follows:Step 1: I Love You

Step 2: I’m Sorry

Step 3: Please Forgive Me

Step 4: Thank You

You can just say the phrases, but if you really FEEL them, you will get results a lot faster. Say the four phrases as much as you want, loud or silently within yourself. The more the better because there is a lot to clean!

It’s very good to repeat this process mentally again and again, after a while it will become a habit so you’re continuously cleaning. And when you do that, your problems will disappear, one by one.


“I love you” is the code that unlocks the healing. The healing of yourself. The idea is to love everything. Love the extra weight, love the addiction, love the problem work colleague, love the problem neighbour, partner or spouse. Love it all.

When you experience a problem, which is caused by replaying memories, tell them silently or mentally: “Dear memories, I love you. I am thankful for the chance to liberate you all and me.”It is best to repeat “I love you” quietly over and over again. Memories never retire or go on holiday unless you’re cleaning forces them to retire. The great thing is you don’t even have to be conscious of problems to heal them.

So you can say “I love you” before anything you do, to kind of ‘prevent’ problems. For example, say it before you make a phone call, or before you get in your car to drive to a meeting.


We say this mantra to acknowledge that we have caught ‘something’ a thought or a program that is causing a certain situation or a feeling of anger, fear, frustration, impatience. It has weaved its way into our sub conscious mind. Most of the time we have no clue what this thought or program is or where it came from. It can be any belief or thought or memory, from yourself or inherited from your ancestors.

For example, the specific program that you caught can make you overweight or can cause a bad habit or an addiction. When you say, “I’m sorry, please forgive me”, you’re making it clear that you’re looking for forgiveness for whatever caused this program to show up in your life.

These are some other ways to ask it: “I am sorry for whatever beliefs I inherited or absorbed from my ancestors or myself” or “Please forgive me for the thoughts or the beliefs or the memories that are making up this feeling of…”.

If you have a problem with someone else you should ask yourself, “What is going on inside of me, which is causing this person to irritate me?”


By saying “Thank you”, we express gratitude. We show our faith that the problem will be cleared for the highest good of everyone involved.

You can just say “thank you” or you can use statements like: “Thank you for erasing this belief from me, thank you for deleting these thoughts, these negativities, these programs, this negative perception out of my body and mind.”

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Proud supporter of the new Sober Code ensuring alcohol-free coaches protect those whose alcohol dependence makes them vulnerable.

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