Jess, USA

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Nigel. He changed my life. One year ago today, I gave up alcohol after hearing him on a podcast. He spoke about fundamentally changing your belief vs. relying on willpower. AA didn’t work for me, but what Nigel said clicked. That day, I had been drinking during the day and drove to the store to pick up more alcohol. Sitting in the car with my wine and vodka, I heard Nigel on the podcast and had a deep decisive feeling that “I’m done.” Today it’s been a year and my life has transformed for the better. Thank you Nigel!”

Steve Burnand, UK

After discovering Nigel on his 9km by 9am social networking posts, he really inspired me to get out and enjoy the benefits he shared of walking and being in nature. So, I got myself out walking. I had been trying so hard on my sobriety journey, and every morning I would look forward to the next instalment of his video posts of inspiration. He made me aware of my surroundings and how you absorb them into your daily life. 

I reached out to Nigel, and with his help I booked an initial coaching session. I was so nervous and anxious as this was way out of my comfort zone, but he slowly introduced himself, listened carefully to me and put me at ease and we began to make a connection. 

His understanding and experience in being an alcohol free coach really resonated with me and I booked more coaching sessions. His coaching and techniques made me think and understand how I could improve my life and move forward in this world. After each session, I came away feeling positive and my outlook was so much clearer.

I can honestly say I would not be where I am today if it were not for Nigel and his experience, knowledge, and his coaching work. So, if you feel like coaching would benefit you like it did me, but you’re unsure about taking this next step I would recommend these coaching sessions with Nigel as a step in the right direction in your alcohol free life to enable you to progress into a better you. 

Here are some of the benefits I have taken forward from these coaching sessions:
1. Confidence.
2. Self belief.
3. Communication skills.
4. Gratitude.
5. Understanding and kindness.
6. Courage.
7. Awareness and mindfulness.
8. Sense of achievement.
9. Structure.
10. Knowledge”

Claire, UK

“Really enjoyed my AF coaching sessions with Nigel! I went into the initial session rather sceptical as I had had AF coaching before and was still struggling with the same issues. However, I came out of that session feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders again! I feel like I am going to break a huge barrier, one that not only impacts on work life but my personal life too. I honestly can’t tell you how much I get from these sessions and Nigel’s passion for AF is highly infectious. Would highly recommend these coaching sessions for anyone needing to deep dive into their relationship with alcohol. His book ‘Walking Back to Happiness’ is packed with helpful and relatable tips and hacks. Would highly recommend Nigel’s coaching sessions.”


“I approached Nigel for some much needed support and what can I say? The guy is so inspirational and has made some big changes to my life. Thank you Nigel.”


“Thank you again so much for your coaching! I am so grateful to know you. Your book is an excellent resource to me and I recommend it often as well as all of the information you post on social media and your website! I am always looking forward to what you have to say! I SOOO enjoyed our sessions. You are amazing to help me navigate my feelings and thoughts. You helped me uncover a lot.”


“Nigel’s coaching sessions helped me build my confidence and stop procrastinating by turning my ‘To Dos’ into ‘Dones’. His coaching approach can work for anybody at whatever stage they are in their career or lives.


“I’m now having fortnightly sessions with Nigel to help me moderate my alcohol intake. He is very supportive and the sessions are proving extremely helpful to me. I’m currently on Dry January. Nigel’s very good for anyone struggling with their alcohol intake.”


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