“Really enjoyed my AF coaching sessions with Nigel! I went into the initial session rather sceptical as I had had AF coaching before and was still struggling with the same issues. However, I came out of that session feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders again! I feel like I am going to break a huge barrier, one that not only impacts on work life but my personal life too. I honestly can’t tell you how much I get from these sessions and Nigel’s passion for AF is highly infectious. Would highly recommend these coaching sessions for anyone needing to deep dive into their relationship with alcohol. His book ‘Walking Back to Happiness’ is packed with helpful and relatable tips and hacks. Would highly recommend Nigel’s coaching sessions.” Claire, UK

“I approached Nigel for some much needed support and what can I say? The guy is so inspirational and has made some big changes to my life. Thank you Nigel.” DS, UK

“Thank you again so much for your coaching! I am so grateful to know you. Your book is an excellent resource to me and I recommend it often as well as all of the information you post on social media and your website! I am always looking forward to what you have to say! I SOOO enjoyed our sessions. You are amazing to help me navigate my feelings and thoughts. You helped me uncover a lot.” AS, USA

“Nigel’s coaching sessions helped me build my confidence and stop procrastinating by turning my ‘To Dos’ into ‘Dones’. His coaching approach can work for anybody at whatever stage they are in their career or lives.” JB, UK


My coaching mission is to inspire you to reach your full potential and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.

I will hep you change your story, change your life, flourish, find the happiness you seek and improve mental health and build mental wealth.


I’ve been coaching, mentoring and leading for 30+ yrs. Leading is great for affecting change, and mentoring is great for giving advice, but coaching is where my real passion lies. This is because when I coach I help clients move towards achieving, towards action and most importantly towards results. Coaching simply helps unlock potential, passion and purpose, it facilitates and guides you towards what you see as the best version of you.

I’ve seen many people flourish and thrive through coaching, become unstuck through coaching and achieve goals they never thought possible. 

Coaching gets you results. You make progress and most importantly you become a better you! Everyone benefits from a better you but most importantly you benefit. 


The Self Development Coaching Programmes are an in depth dive into what I call the 4 PILLARS of well-being – from these pillars all aspects of well-being evolves. They are: Goals, Values, Beliefs & Purpose.



The Alcohol-free and Sober Living Coaching Programmmes are based on my book, ‘Walking Back To Happiness: The Secret To Alcohol-free Living & Well-being’ and are specifically designed to help you hone your values, beliefs and goals to find your purpose, aiding your well-being and self-development.

Just by looking at the growing number of people and media coverage sobriety is attracting, I know I am in good company as one of the early adopters who has seen the life changing benefits of an alcohol-free life.

Why not join me and the thousands who are rocking the boat.



When I stopped drinking the MAGIC started to happen. Some of it immediately, the rest over next few weeks and months. This MAGIC consisted of…

Improved relationships with my family
Weight loss – over 4 stone in the first year, without ‘dieting’
Reversal of potential heart disease and move towards optimal health – best blood pressure and cholesterol scores ever
Huge energy boost
Feeling happy for no apparent reason
Meaning and clarity of purpose in my life
Rediscovery of who I am

Boost to my career
Lots of extra time to fill with hobbies and interests
Gratitude for life

And on and on…

I view my sobriety as one of my greatest assets.


The million-dollar question is, can you break your alcohol habit loop? The answer is yes. Sign up for one of my sessions or courses and I’ll help you break your habit loops.

Discovering the principles that make up habit loops helped me to understand how I could stop drinking, escape the clutches of alcohol and get on the pathway to freedom.

The psychologist Dan Siegel says that addiction ‘is an illusion created by the brain’. I am convinced that drinking was etched into my brain, or neural pathways, and I firmly believed that it was a drug that I took to relax and unwind.

I believed alcohol was a relaxant which allowed my body to release dopamine as soon as I started to reach for the glass for the first sip. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter, meaning it sends signals from the body to the brain. This would give me an initial ‘high’. This dopamine hit can come from a variety of places including chocolate, social media likes, exercise, or anything the brain associates with pleasure.

Craving alcohol in order to relax leads to a release of dopamine once the drinking ritual begins. This was giving me the ‘high’ feeling. So, if I kept doing this regularly, I got used to it and the ‘high’ feeling became less and less each time and so I needed more and more alcohol to feel the ‘high’. This created a vicious cycle.

My habit loop went something like this…

6pm, end of working day
Drink glass of winey
Dopamine released


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